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Information for groups

For City of Sanctuary groups working with their local authority is an important element in becoming a City of Sanctuary.  A welcoming place of safety for all requires commitment and action from local authorities. We encourage City of Sanctuary groups to work in close collaboration with their local authorities in order to gain their commitment to joining  the City of Sanctuary Local Authority Network and to becoming a ‘Council of Sanctuary‘. 

Over the coming months we will be working with the Local Authority Network Steering Group to develop resources to support groups to work with their local authority to become a ‘Council of Sanctuary’. See the case studies to find out more about the growing number of local authorities with a deep commitment to being a welcoming place of safety who are demonstrating best practice.

N.B. Please note that during our June 2020 AGM City of Sanctuary UK members voted to dispense with the City-wide appraisal recognition process and establish a City of Sanctuary Local Authority Network and Awards process. This decision followed an extensive consultation process, for further information please see the AGM proposal document